Trailer to National Geographic Explorer Series’ Warlords of Ivory starring investigative journalist Bryan Christy


Battle for the Elephants directed by John Heminway.  WINNER! Best Conservation Film, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival


Photographer Brent Stirton and I made this film for Getty Images Reportage shortly after our work Blood Ivory ran in National Geographic. For a deeper look behind the story and the role of religion in the ivory trade I highly recommend it.


National Geographic interviews Bryan Christy as companion to his cover story Blood Ivory: Ivory Worship


Amanpour w/ CNN’s Christiane Amanpour


NewsHour with Hari Sreenivasan


 NOW with Alex Wagner (Kristin Davis & Bryan Christy)

NOW with Alex Wagner interviews Kristin Davis & Bryan Christy


Want to know where your snake and lizard skin designer handbag and slingbacks come from? Bryan Christy was world’s first journalist to go behind the scenes in Indonesia w video…


Following is a web series covering Bryan’s ivory investigation in China by the amazing JJ Kelly: