The Rhino Horn Trade

My latest investigation with photographer Brent Stirton appears in the October 2016 issue of National Geographic. You can catch an advance view here on

TONIGHT! Warlords of Ivory

Tonight National Geographic Explorer series returns at 8 pm ET with Warlords of Ivory, directed by extraordinary JJ Kelley, produced by John Heminway. Oh, and I’m live tweeting Q&A after, too (use #NatGeoExplorer). First question: What’s live tweeting?

Warlords of Ivory promo

Camera work by Toby Strong, JJ Kelley, Josh Thomas, Pablo Durana. It is also the cover story of the National Geographic September issue by me and photographer Brent Stirton.

NGM Sept cover

IVORY: A Crime Story

My latest piece for National Geographic, Tracking Ivory, is the cover of the magazine’s September issue and the subject of WARLORDS OF IVORY, the premiere episode of National Geographic’s Explorer series, airing August 30, 2015 on the National Geographic Channel.

Here’s a link to the online version of the magazine story which is part of an incredible package of photographs, interactive maps, videos, and surveys about the ivory trade, terrorism, and ivory consumption.


This project is the result of work by an extraordinary team across multiple National Geographic platforms, including Photographer Brent Stirton; Filmmakers J.J. Kelley, John Heminway, Toby Strong, Pablo Durana, Jessica Harrop, Josh Thomas; Map Genius Virginia Mason, and more. Click on the links for these people and you’ll see the Mission Impossible team behind the stories.

Blood Ivory Multimedia

Here’s a quick guide to some of National Geographic’s coverage of Blood Ivory:  Ivory Worship introduced by Editor in Chief, Chris Johns.

Here’s an interview of me running alongside the article (it’s not bloody):

Here are Brent Stirton’s extraordinary photographs for this story.

Here’s a Q&A about the Behind the Scenes of the investigation with my editor at National Geographic, Oliver Payne.

Here’s a podcast of an interview Oliver Payne and I did together:  Behind the Words:  Ivory Worship

The graphics for Blood Ivory result from weeks of work by an NG graphics team  presented in a way you can understand in a blink.

One of the great things about this project has been the complete support of every aspect of the National Geographic Society.  If you would like to give your support to issues raised in the story, NG offers these suggestions, which list some of the very best in the world in the effort to stop wildlife crime in ways that are sensitive to the human condition.