“Blood Ivory” Sparks Italian Story Re Vatican

La Repubblica in Rome interviewed me for this story about Blood Ivory and the role of the Catholic Church in the ivory trade:

Here is snippet from a Google Translate of the Story:

Ivory Trafficking and Global Worship The extermination of elephants continues by Corrado Zunino

“About the sale of ivory in the Vatican, “says Christy,” I think the most important thing is not whether the works are legal or illegal, but rather whether it is right to sell. now it is proved to have quell’avorio kill elephants in a brutal way, you kill the rangers who must protect, feeds corruption worldwide. ” And so the exchange of gifts between heads of state, “is the wrong message, telling the people that the ivory is an appropriate means to express their devotion.” Here, “the leader of the Catholic Church have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference to the survival of elephants. Few words to them: enough with the religious icons in ivory.”


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Blood Ivory in the NYT

The New York Times’ Andy Revkin has posted this story based on a discussion we had yesterday morning:

A Story Exposes How the Chinese Government is Fueling Elephant Slaughter


There’s been a lot of hard-edged coverage of the bloody burst of African elephanticide of late, including the new series coming from Jeffrey Gettleman of The Times and “Agony and Ivory,” Alex Shoumatoff’s devastating Vanity Fair portrait of the ivory flow from Africa to Asia.

But “Blood Ivory,” in the October edition of National Geographic, provides two fresh and vitally important angles on this unfolding carnage. Investigative reporter Bryan Christy and photographer Brent Stirton provide an intimate portrait of the booming trade in Buddhist and Catholic icons and other religious objects carved out of ivory. More importantly, the story shows…

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Blood Ivory Multimedia

Here’s a quick guide to some of National Geographic’s coverage of Blood Ivory:  Ivory Worship introduced by Editor in Chief, Chris Johns.

Here’s an interview of me running alongside the article (it’s not bloody):

Here are Brent Stirton’s extraordinary photographs for this story.

Here’s a Q&A about the Behind the Scenes of the investigation with my editor at National Geographic, Oliver Payne.

Here’s a podcast of an interview Oliver Payne and I did together:  Behind the Words:  Ivory Worship

The graphics for Blood Ivory result from weeks of work by an NG graphics team  presented in a way you can understand in a blink.

One of the great things about this project has been the complete support of every aspect of the National Geographic Society.  If you would like to give your support to issues raised in the story, NG offers these suggestions, which list some of the very best in the world in the effort to stop wildlife crime in ways that are sensitive to the human condition.

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The Lizard King Movie

Bill Wheeler to adapt ‘Lizard King’
Fox 2000 sets scribe for pic based on Bryan Christy book

With his adaptation of “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” set to open Venice later this month, scribe Bill Wheeler has been tapped to adapt Bryan Christy’s nonfiction tome “The Lizard King” for Fox 2000. Continue reading “The Lizard King Movie” »

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