Baby Elephants Protecting Me

Here is my all-time favorite out-take from our work on Warlords of Ivory. Here orphaned baby elephants walk me into a gathering of adult, wild elephants, a potentially dangerous experience. My thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for hosting me and my team.

4 thoughts on “Baby Elephants Protecting Me

  1. Truly incredible. I heard you on Fresh Air today. Thank you for your extraordinary work. I do what I can to help in efforts to help wildlife and domestic animals. I must admit I still feel impotent and helpless in the face of human kind’s ignorance and cruelty.

  2. Hi Mr. Christy. My name is Isabela and I’m twelve years old. For my 7th grade research project, I wanted to research elephants and their ivory. As I recently read your National Geographic article, I thought you would be a good person to interview. We can do it via phone or email. I hope you get back with me!
    -Isabela Esin

    • Dear Isabela,
      I’m terribly sorry I missed your request. I rarely visit my website and didn’t get your message until months later. I hope your project turned out well. Elephants need our help, as do all species. Thank you for caring for them. Bryan

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