More on Vatican City Ivory Raids

More on the recent raids on Italy’s Ivory shops, from Italian newspaper, La Repubblica:

Per Google translate:

            THE CASE

Blood and ivory near the Vatican is the business of the tusks of elephants

Between the walls that divide the holy city of Rome there is a trade of objects derived from the precious material. The Italian Forestry Corps on Friday seized religious artifacts for 150 thousand euro only in the famous gallery Savelli.


“Blood and Ivory” goes to the Vatican, yes. As he told National Geographic journalist environmental investigations, Bryan Christy, for the walls that divide the Holy City of Rome passes a not insignificant part of the trade of objects derived from the tusks of African elephants. The Italian Forestry Corps, with its operational arm Cites (deals with protected species), last Friday seized religious artifacts for 150 thousand euro in one of the most famous galleries close to the Vatican Walls: the Savelli. Operating since 1898, between St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican has five of external galleries, shops and warehouses for religious objects. In a Cites agents found in elephant ivory pieces also sold 40 000 euro: religious statues hand-carved crosses and rosaries, all in the window from 400 euro. A large part of the material seized, say the investigators, not had documentation certifying that the legal origin (the Washington Agreement and subsequent agreements between individual countries that regulate this delicate trade). The administrator of the Roman gallery, denounced, has assured that the items seized are mostly Continue reading “More on Vatican City Ivory Raids” »