Inside the Belly of the Ivory Trade

I hope you had a chance to see last night’s Battle for the Elephants on PBS.  If you missed it, there are additional showings planned. Also, I’ve got a collection of the teaser vids here, some of which include some amazing footage that didn’t make the final cut, so it’s a nice supplement anyway.  If you haven’t seen the inside of a Chinese ivory carving factory or the inside of Tanzania’s ivory storeroom, you can do it here.  Those two shots alone are first-ever windows into the belly of the ivory trade.

To supplement the Blood Ivory story, we created a Blog at National Geographic called A Voice for Elephants (AVFE).  It is intended to be a place for the world’s best thinkers and doers to have a place to share their work and thoughts.  There are a lot of organizations and websites out there and it’s hard to know where to look for information on the elephant crisis. A goal of  AVFE is to bring new ideas to the fore.  Drop by and use it as a place to begin your search and to see what’s current from experts around the globe.